To access the preferences menu, click the button in the upper right


General Settings

  • On the General Settings tab you can allow outside users to sign up for their own accounts and limit which export types are allowed.
  • You can also choose to display the SSL Seal for the end-user interface.
  • The ‘Order Account Fields’ button allows you to change the order that Account Fields appear on the Create a New Account page, and in Outside User Completion emails.



  • On the customization tab you can change the name of the application, add a welcome message, and a public user completion message to better suit your needs and upload a custom logo.
  • There is also a checkbox for whether or not you’d like calculated fields to have commas separate values in the thousands.



  • On the security tab you can adjust how strong passwords must be, change how often passwords need to be changed, and choose how many failed attempts a user has before they are locked out of the system and for how long.