After you upload a form, the “Edit Field Associations” window will open

  • The “Template Field” column on the left shows you all of the tags that draftonce found in your document.
  • draftonce will try to match the tags in your form with previously defined fields. Any matches it finds will be shown in the right column.
  • For fields that draftonce doesn’t recognize, you will see a “–” in the right column.


Auto Create


  • The fastest way to create field associations is to click the “Auto Create” button.
  • Auto Create will create a default Text Field with the same name and label as the name of the tag in your form.
  • If you want to manually create each field, use the drop-down menu and select “Create New”. This will take you to the “Edit Field” window.


Editing Fields


  • Once your fields are created it’s easy to customize them.
  • Just click the field you want to edit and click the ‘pencil’ icon.
  • If you just want to change that field to a field you have already defined, use the drop down menu to select the field.


The Edit Field Window


  • Name: This is what the field is called. This is for your reference only, a user won’t see this name during the interview.
  • Label: This will appear above the answer section, in bold text. You may leave it blank if you choose.
  • Question: To make the interview easier to complete, ask the user a question to answer.
  • Help: If you think users might need more information on a question, add some help in this box. In the interview, a question mark will appear next to the question. When a user clicks it, it will show the help text you typed in here.
  • Type: Use this drop-down list to select what type of field you want.
  • Options: This only appears if you are using a Radio, Check Box, List, or Drop-down List type. It is where you would put the options the user has to choose from.
  • Required Field: Check this box if you want to make answering this field required for the completion of the interview.
  • Account Field: When this is checked, users can answer the questions in their user profile. The next time that field is used in a form, draftonce will automatically fill in the answers. Account fields are good for information that doesn’t often change, like names and phone numbers.