First, go to the Interviews tab on the Admin side of your draftonce instance


Click the ‘Add New Interview’ button at the lower right of the window

  • This will open the New Interview window.


Name your interview, give it a description (optional), and select the templates that will be used with that interview

In the Available Templates box, you will see all of the templates that you have uploaded into draftonce. To the right is the Selected Templates box. Move any template that you want completed for this interview from the Available Templates box to the Selected Templates box. You can drag-and-drop or use the arrow buttons between the two boxes to move and order your templates.

When you are finished, click Next.


Auto Distribute

  • The easiest way to create an interview is to use the Auto Distribute feature.
  • On the right, you will see all of the fields that will be filled out in your interview.
  • When you click the Auto Distribute button, you will be asked how many questions you want per page. draftonce will do the rest.
  • Once the interview has been created, you can edit it to your liking.


To create the interview from scratch, first create a page by clicking the Add button

  • When you click the Add button, the New Page window will open.
  • Give the page a Title and Description (optional).
  • You will then need to decide if this page contains questions that are for internal use or are to be completed by public users.


Once you have created a page, drag on any fields that you want on that page

  • Click Next when you have moved all of the fields onto pages.
  • You will not be able to move on until all fields have been allocated.


Share your interview

  • The last step in creating your interview is to decide who it should be shared with. Every time an interview is started, it will be automatically shared with the users that you have selected.
  • Click Finish to create the interview.


Preview your interview

  • You can click the Preview button to see what the interview will look like and how it will function.


Publish your interview

  • If you are satisfied with your interview, click the Publish button to make it available for users to complete.