Purpose of Account Fields

  • Used to notify administrators of important fields associated with each user account.
  • Typically, these fields consist of crucial user information, such as name and phone number.
  • Account Fields make it easier to reference different users and the interviews they have completed.
  • These fields can appear in Outside User Completion emails if specified.


Creating Account Fields

  • Creating an account field is simple.
  • When editing a field, mark it as an ‘Account Field’ by using the checkbox, then save.

  • This field will now appear when users register an account through your instance on draftonce.


Using Account Fields with Outside User Completion Emails

  • To make account fields appear on outside user completion emails, navigate to the Preferences button in draftonce.
  • This button can be found on the upper-right of the Administrator page.

  • On the next window, under Edit Preferences, check the “Include outside user account fields on completion emails” box.
  • Save any changes you have made.


Changing the Display Order for Account Fields

  • To change the order that account fields appear, click the Preferences button (see above).
  • Under the Account Preferences section, click the “Order Account Fields” button.
  • The next window will show all Account Fields.
  • Simply click and drag to achieve desired order.
  • Save your changes.
  • This order will apply to Outside User Completion emails (if specified), as well as the Create A New Account page.