Utilizing for Legal Document Use

  • The ability to use Yes-No Conditionals can be a helpful tool when preparing important Legal Documents.
  • Yes-No Conditionals allow for the inclusion of a separate template, or additional set of questions, when the “Yes” option is selected.
  • This triggered template is directly related to the Yes-No Conditional.
  • Selecting the “No” option will not trigger a separate template.

Let’s look at a function of the Yes-No Conditional in a legal context

  • In this example, you have configured a Yes-No Conditional for the field ‘LegalServices.’
  • In addition, you need to designate a template to be triggered when this field is answered with “Yes.”
  • For the “No” option, we have decided to leave it blank. Because of this, nothing will appear in the interview.

  • Upon publishing and testing your interview, the potential client (in this case) will be required to answer the Yes-No Conditional.
  • The potential client has the choice to either select “Yes” or “No.”
  • Upon selecting “No,” no further questions will be added to the current interview.

  • If the potential client answers the Yes-No Conditional with the “Yes” option, you will see a change in the interview.
  • Because the client answered “Yes,” they have triggered the addition of the associated template.
  • The client will now have additional questions and fields to complete, which is exactly what we want.
  • Repeat this process for all Yes-No Conditionals in your legal documents.