Utilizing for Legal Document Use

  • A Dependent Conditional is a field-type that is triggered by the “Yes” option of a ‘Yes-No Conditional.’
  • A Dependent Conditional could be a clause in a contract document, or any other section that needs to be added due to “Yes.”
  • This field-type will prove crucial for the creation of certain legal documents.

Let’s look at the function of a Dependent Conditional in a legal context


  • In order to successfully configure a Dependent Conditional, our main template must contain a Yes-No Conditional
  • The Dependent Conditional is wholly dependent on this Yes-No Conditional in order to function.
  • In this example, our Yes-No Conditional Trigger Field is ‘LegalServices.’


  • During the interview, when the client selects “No” for the LegalServices “Yes or No” scenario, the Dependent Conditional is not triggered.
  • However, when “Yes” is selected by the client, the Dependent Conditional is triggered and therefore the associated template is displayed.
  • In this example, our Dependent Conditional brings up two additional questions for the client.
  • Additionally, more than one Dependent Conditional may be dependent upon the same Yes-No Conditional.