What is a Yes-No Conditional?

  • A Yes-No Conditional field triggers the inclusion of a separate form if the answer given in a “Yes or No” scenario is “Yes.” In the contract below, you originally had to choose your liquidation option and then delete the other two.


First, create a template for each option

  • Each option has been copied into its own RTF file and uploaded into draftonce.


Add field tags for the different options


  • In the image above, you can see that we have included a field tag for each of the 3 “Liquidation” options.


Configure the conditional field


  • Set the type to “Yes-No Conditional”.
  • Set the “Yes” action. In this case we have set it to include the template “LiquidationOption1″.
  • Set the “No” action. We are leaving it blank. This way, if the user selects “No” or leaves the answer blank, it will not insert anything into our original form.
  • Repeat these steps for all remaining Yes-No Conditional fields.
  • If the template inserted by a Yes-No Conditional field has fields of its own, the user will be prompted to answer the questions associated with that template when they answer “Yes.”