In this guide you’ll learn how to use draftonce with MS Word Mail Merge to quickly create copies of the same document addressed to multiple recipients.


First, add field tags to your document


  • This is the same process you would use to tag any other form for draftonce.
  • For this example, we’ve added [[Case]] and [[CaseNum]] as this will be the same for each mailing.


Next, add the mail-merge tags.


  • In this case, insert the address block and greeting line for all of the recipients.
  • When finished, save as an .RTF file and upload into draftonce.


Create a new document; we’ll call it ‘mailing list.’


  • This document will be a table with 2 rows; a header row and a data row.
  • In this case we are using the table to collect First and Last Name, Address, City, State, and Zip.
  • Add draftonce tags and upload as a new template into draftonce.


Configure the templates in draftonce as usual.


  • Be sure to activate the table in the address list as a repeating table row.
  • Now, create an interview that contains both the document to be mailed and the mailing list.


Enter data to test the setup.


  • In this example, all of the fields are on one page.
  • The case information is shown first, then rows for each of the recipients.


Once the interview is completed, export both documents.

  • Open the main document in MS Word and begin the normal mail merge process.
  • When asked for the data to merge, select the file with the table.