This feature is for when you have more than one template associated with an interview, and users may want to complete just one of those templates, rather than the entire interview. Doc-view allows users to complete one document rather than all documents associated with an interview.


Here is an interview with three pages shown.


Clicking the Doc-view tab displays each of the templates associated with the interview. In this case, there are two templates associated with this interview, Consulting Services Agreement and Consultant TA.

To complete just the Consultant_TA Document, select it from the Document List and click Edit (lower right). All of the fields for that one document are then displayed.

Complete the fields as you normally would, and then select the Export format and click Export. The completed document is then exported.


Doc-view must be turned on by administrators before any documents are displayed to users.

Administrators can turn on Doc-view for any page on an interview. To do so, go the /admin side of draftonce, select the Interview tab and Edit the interview. Click through the wizard step to get to Templates Included in Doc-view. Select the templates that you want displayed to internal users and click Next.