Yes-No Conditionals

  • This is a conditional field-type that triggers the inclusion of a separate form if the answer given is “Yes.” This allows for a better-tailored Interview if some of the questions depend on how this Yes-No Conditional is answered.
  • There are only two possible answers for this conditional field type: “Yes” and “No.”
  • Answering “No” in this situation will not trigger a separate form or associated template; therefore, nothing will be changed in the completed document.


Multi-Choice Conditionals

  • The Multi-Choice Conditional field-type offers the ability to allow a template to be associated with a specific answer in the instance of a multi-choice question.
  • The multi-choice question is represented as a radio-field and, therefore, only allows for one selection.
  • Unlike the Yes-No Conditional, the Multi-Choice Conditional has the ability to offer many options.
  • A unique template may be associated with each possible selection. This is configured while editing the field-type.


Dependent Conditionals

  • A Dependent Conditional is a field-type that is triggered by the “Yes” option of a ‘Yes-No Conditional.’
  • Dependent Conditionals are dependent upon on a Yes-No Conditional.
  • If there is no Yes-No Conditional present in a given interview, it will not be possible to setup a Dependent Conditional.
  • The separate form associated with a Dependent Conditional, for example, could be a clause in a contract document, or any other section that needs to be added due to “Yes.”
  • This field-type is useful for separate forms that need to appear later on in an interview, and are separate from the contents of the template directly associated with the “Yes” option of a Yes-No Conditional.