Account Fields are now visible in Outside User Completion Emails

  • Any fields marked as an account field within an Interview are now sent with the completion emails so that Admins have more information regarding the completed Interview session.
  • This is convenient for the Admin, as he/she does not need to open up the completed Interview to see the account field information of those who have completed an Interview.
  • This function is applicable only to draftonce Admins.

In Order to Receive Completion Emails with Account Fields:


  • Make sure that the fields you would like to be included with your completion emails are marked as “Account Field” on your Interview. Otherwise, these fields will not appear in the completion email.

  • Additionally, you need to ensure that your email is included in the ‘Share Interview Sessions With’ portion of the Interview.
  • You can add your email to this list by clicking ‘Edit’ on the Interview of your choice, which can be found under the ‘Interviews’ tab.